Anti-Globalist, Anti-Islamist Victor Orban Wins Third Election as Prime Minister of Hungary

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By: H.T. Coffee - TapWires News Service

The staunchly pro-Hungary and equally staunch anti-globalist, anti-Soros, anti-Islamist Victor Orban won his third consecutive election for prime minister of Hungary on Sunday.

The victorious Orban made an announcement at his victory rally late in the day. Orban much like Trump in the U.S. is despised by the liberal media, globalists, and the hard left both in Hungary and in the EU.   His victory is sure to bring a new case of political heartburn to globalists and Soros open borders sycophants across Europe.

Kronen Zeitung reported:  A long election day in Hungary has given the ruling right-wing Fidesz of Prime Minister Viktor Orban the third consecutive election victory. Only shortly before 23 o'clock a preliminary result could be announced, after an unexpected onslaught on the polling stations had taken place.

After counting around 96 percent of the votes cast Orbans party leads the list of parties clearly with 48.5 percent of the vote. To the lamentations of Roxette's "Listen To Your Heart" and "Viktor, Viktor!"

In a development that must bring angst to his opponents for their future prospects of victory, Orban was in fact able to reach a wide variety of voters including younger voters who see what is happening in the rest of Europe with globalism and Islamification and do not want it for Hungary. 

Orban went to his voters to make his victory speech. The Prime Minister began with the words: "We won!"  This was a hard-fought victory especially with the European press doing all they could to tear Orban down.  The BBC has been especially one-sided and has been accused of even attempting to put words in the mouth of Orban. 

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