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Jake Baker  ·  September 13, 2017  ·  Media-Entertainment

BY: Rachel Wheeler - Morningtrans.com

Exclusive: As most of you know we don't do a lot of "how to" articles.  But I thought this one was worth sharing.  Enjoy!

Video is omnipresent in our lives. Just take Youtube, which is the world’s largest video-sharing platform with over a billion hours streaming daily. Every day, literally hundred of millions of people are watching video media online–more than any other visual medium including television.

There are dozens of other platforms, like Vimeo, LiveLeak and DailyMotion to name a few, that are keen in attracting the coveted millennial market demographic of those aged 18 to 34. Moving beyond the English-speaking demographic by enlisting the help of a professional translation service has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with the increase in sales conversions to match.

Taking It By the Numbers

A quick snapshot frames the growing potential of multi-language video marketing:

  • Youtube alone serves 88 countries in 76 languages.
  • Videos increase sales conversions by a stunning 80%.
  • Four times as many people prefer to watch product videos rather read about products..
  • Email open rates increase at least 20% when videos are mentioned in the subject header.
  • Email campaigns that utilize videos reduce their unsubscribe rates by over 25%.
  • Video increases search rankings by over 50%.

With numbers like these, video has become a prime element of marketing strategies. To reach the global market, marketers must keep in mind the extraordinary impact a multicultural approach can have on sales conversions for products and services.

Language Is the New Key to Conversion Rates

While English remains the dominant language online, it accounts for only 25% of online users.

A language translation firm can elevate a video campaign to tap into the broader market.

By considering linguistic and cultural differences and nuances, a high-quality translation can increase conversions by speaking to potential customers in their own language. Companies that incorporate translation services at all points of their marketing campaigns can reduce costs, avoid “retrofitting” a campaign, and increase ROI across the board.

Language service providers have the talent and expertise to understand cultural differences, shape branding that has universal appeal, and reduce miscommunication across cultural barriers.

Strategies That Enhance Video Marketing

Translations can assist marketers in developing strategies that work best for the targeted markets and expected budgets. A foreign language expert can help enhance the benefits of expanding a video marketing strategy overseas by providing expertise in both online marketing and cultural sensitivities.

A number of strategies are available, each with their own pros and cons:

  • Separate campaigns for individual markets.
    • Pro: A uniquely tailored translation for specific markets.
    • Con: Costly production which lowers ROI.
  • Voice dubbing English language video into the local language.
    • Pro: Exploits existing branding and materials, thereby decreasing costs.
    • Con: Off-putting voice-syncing and reduced consumer identification in diverse markets.
  • Subtitling existing English language video.
    • Pro: Cost-effective use of video.
    • Con: Sends a message that the viewer is not a primary customer.
  • Employ animation and graphics with multiple language versions.
    • Pro: Universal appeal without cultural identity issues.
    • Con: Lack of human connection for the viewer.

Connect the Market to the Consumer

As the global consumer market moves online, reaching new consumers in their native language has become a critical factor in marketing. The vast majority of online users prefer websites in the first language and marketers need to address the need to connect with them.

By employing language translation firms that specialize in translations for marketing services, companies can grow their business in new directions. Doing so can secure coveted sales conversions regardless of language or cultural barriers.

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