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Jake Baker  ·  July 17, 2017  ·  Featured, Tech

The Future Is Now

The Headline Engineers design first battery-free cell phone The Grind Would you like to have a mobile phone which never needed to be charged? If so, you're in luck; researchers at the University of Washington have created just that - a phone that requires no battery and no charger.

The revolutionary phone is capable of sending and receiving messages using very little power, which it "harvests" from ambient light and radio signals. The device is also made from commercial, off-the-shelf components and has successfully been used to make and receive Skype calls. The Details Study author Shyam Gollakota says the team had to "fundamentally rethink" how phones are designed to create one that "consumes almost zero power."

Traditional phones convert analog signals into digital data. Unfortunately, this process uses lots of energy. The battery-free phone utilizes tiny vibrations in the phone's microphone or speaker to encode speech patterns in reflected radio signals - using almost no power.

The team built a custom base station to transmit and receive data for the battery-free phone, however, the technology could easily be integrated into existing networks or Wi-Fi routers. "If every house has a Wi-Fi router in it, you could get battery-free cell phone coverage everywhere," says co-author Vamsi Talla.

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