Betrayal At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - It Just Never Ends

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

In a stunning bit of news, it has been revealed that President Donald Trump’s National Economic Council director Gary Cohn is reportedly an ardent opponent of the President’s “nationalist” agenda and will do whatever is necessary to keep it from being implemented.

Reports are circulating that a former Goldman Sachs executive told liberal fashion and culture mag Vanity Fair in a recent profile piece that Cohn has been working with Trump son in law, Jared Kushner, to thwart the Trump agenda. 

New reports circulating that Kushner is “star struck” with Goldman Sachs globalists and in particular with former GS executive Dina Powel and has served to reinforce fears held by conservatives in the administration Kushner and his allies are not on the same page as daddy in law on many key policy objectives.  It has long been rumored that Kushner has done all in his power to undermine trusted Trump advisor Steven K. Bannon and to a quieter extent, Peter Navarro, head of the National Trade Council.  That war has spilled out of the White House and on the pages of newspapers on several occasions since the inauguration.

Cohn has reportedly dedicated himself to making sure that the U.S. doesn’t “Start any ridiculous trade wars or do something ‘crazy’ on health care.”

 “I’m not going to let it happen,” Cohn reportedly told the former partner. One can only speculate whether or not that has been a part of the incessant leaks coming from the White House since the President took office.

Why a globalist like Cohn is allowed such access is the subject of much speculation.  However, it is in all likelihood the work of an infatuated Jared Kushner sporting a man-crush on Cohn who is by all accounts a registered Democrat and serial donor to the Hillary Clinton 2016 failed presidential campaign.  Cohn’s name has even been floated as a strong contender to be the next Federal Reserve chairman.

Reportedly both Cohn and Powel have tag-teamed using their influence over the impressionable Kushner’s business philosophy to create a schism between the more pro-American faction in the White House and the Kushner and company globalist influences.  In a clear setback, it should be pointed out that the Kushner faction lost in the Paris Global Warming battle when the President withdrew from the absurd climate agreement that would have had the U.S. paying an onerous cost both for our productivity and for implementing the program world-wide which actually subsidized non-compliant nations for continuing to ignore “environmental concerns.”   

Kushner and his allies are also losing in the President’s policy on imported steel.  Trump is currently considering protecting U.S. steel interests which have been the victim of dumping by countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Germany and other EU nations.  All of that has created huge trade deficits for the U.S. and fostered a sharp decline in U.S. steel production which Trump has labeled a national security vulnerability. 

If Cohn and Powell using Kushner as a wedge are successful in influencing White House policy and pushing Trump away from the more pro-America, nationalist policies that endeared him to his “people”—the country’s working-class voters who stood by him through both the campaign and the early days of the administration, it could spell big trouble.  

The Trump administration can't afford to lose grass roots support. The administration already under relentless attack by the American left, Democrats, the leftist media and ironically, by insider globalists like Cohn, Powel and some might say Kushner, who are attempting to subvert Trump’s “nationalist” populist pro-American agenda –which as stated, was the catalyst for his grassroots popularity and successful presidential bid. 

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