Bernstein: Blames Fox News ‘We Are in the Midst of a Cold Civil War in This Country’

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Yesterday was Sunday.  As usual, the leftist media was in full bloom with hard left interviews.  On CNN’s unreliable “Reliable Sources,” journalist, network contributor and committed anti-Trumper, Carl Bernstein said the difference between the investigations into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election and the Watergate era - the country is “in the midst of a cold civil war.”

Bernstein said, “The difference between Watergate and now, one of the big differences is that we are in the midst of a cold civil war in this country, a political and cultural civil war.”

Blaming Fox News, Bernstein said that Fox has created, “a different media universe,” that is “a caldron taking place in this hot house of political debate in which a fact-based debate is becoming impossible in this culture.”  That convoluted thought really says that Fox News broke the media monopoly of the left which has forced them out of their game plan.  

Before Fox News, the media had free run and could just fail report anything they did not want you to know. But now that facts are coming out and have revealed themselves as Reagan said to be "stubborn things," which leaves the main stream media with a problem.  Their biased reporting is ringing hollow with America and it is forcing them to resort to ever greater and more outlandish lies, thus, as Carl 'Marx' Bernstein says, making it impossible for "fact" based reporting.

Here's the bottom line.  CNN is trailing in the news network ratings wars behind the powerhouse reportage of Yogi Bear and Boo reporting on the critival shortage of pick-a-nick baskets at Jellystone Park.  My how the mighty have fallen. 

But Bernstein is right about the cold civil war that is now dividing America.  The truth is, I fear that it will not long remain a "cold war." That caldron of which Bernstein speaks however was not created by Fox News.  Fox News is the logical response to the failure of the mainstream media to give voice to more than one side of every argument ... which always seems to be the anti-American and currently the anti-Trump side of the story hiding or twisting the truth into an unrecognizable mirror image of the truth.  

How far is the left willing to take this "cold" war.  I beleive that the left is willing to burn down the entire house of America rather than see Trump restore it.

But the Murdoch boys are making huge changes at Fox.  The sun is fading on Fox News.  The Murdoch boys, both of whom are globalist supporters of Hillary Clinton are steadily reshaping Fox New from a "conservative" news network, to a "moderate" news network, and it probably will not stop there.  Shep Smith is a commited anti-Trump liberal.  Fox news is already on the trail to disappearing, going out, not with a bang but with a whining liberal whimper.  

Perhaps the solution is to continue to let CNN decay and form a buyers group to acquire the property and transform it into what many hoped Fox News would be.  

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