NASA rover spots 'alien thigh bone' on Mars

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NASA's rover has photographed a strange formation of rocks that some UFO hunters claim are really fossilized "alien bones" proving there's life on Mars.

The one-ton Curiosity rover, which has been scouring the surface of the planet since August 2012, sent back a pair of images that resemble thigh bones and a hip bone protruding from the planet's surface.

The alien-hunter group Martian Archaeology presented the images in a video claiming the photos are evidence of "signs of life":

Some took the photos as surefire evidence that NASA must be hiding proof of life.

"After years of research and study, I'm convinced now, more than ever, that there['s] much more to Mars then [sic] what NASA admits to," wrote T.J. Devereaux in the comments section of the video. "I'm certain life, including water, and intelligent life forms, once occupied the planet, and ... big leap here ... that both still exist, in much smaller quantities."

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However, NASA has said the following 2014 photo - which some have claimed could be an "alien thigh bone - is just another weathered Martian rock.

In the photo description, NASA explained that the "Mars rock may look like a femur bone," but it's not the remains of a dead Martian.

"Mission science team members think its shape is likely sculpted by erosion, either wind or water," NASA explained.

Even so, if aliens do live on Mars, they're more likely to be microscopic creatures, the scientists said.

"If life ever existed on Mars, scientists expect that it would be small simple life forms called microbes," NASA officials wrote in the photo description. "Mars likely never had enough oxygen in its atmosphere and elsewhere to support more complex organisms. Thus, large fossils are not likely."

Some also claimed another photo snapped by the rover resembles a hip bone:

Apparently humans seeing shapes in Mars rocks is nothing new. In the 1800s, astronomers believed they located canals on the Red Planet.

And in 1976, a photo from NASA's Viking 1 orbiter depicted a rock formation that resembled a shadowy human face, known as the "Face on Mars."

Since then, other photos revealed rock formations resembling a lizard, a rat and even a jelly donut.

Ed Note: Ok these people are right. This is proof that aliens were on Mars, Orson Wells was right, the pryrmids prove that aliens were here and the jelly doughnut proves that the aliens actually own Dunkin Doughnuts and use it to pay for space exploration.

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