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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

‘Thank You’: A Simple Sentiment For This Memorial Day

First a “Thank you!” to America’s defenders, the fallen who cannot hear our grateful acknowledgment of their selflessness, for the gift of their lives, their courage and their deaths for a land they loved; but more, for their vision of true freedom and nation unique in all the world and singular in all of history.

Thank you for the heritage you have left behind – you have made us heirs of freedom for which your blood and the blood of fellow patriots has been shed.  With the outcome uncertain, you have soldiered on through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars.  Your lives and deaths were the down payment for our America.  We cannot but thank you for our what you bought us and the promise given to all of us that, if we dare, we might reach out and embrace the precious endowment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

What words can express our gratitude to the black soldiers of the Civil War, who died for a nation that had not seen them but as slaves – a commodity to be bought and sold?  They died not for America’s dread past, nor the shame of slavery, nor with rage; or to demand that the future repay the horrors of the sin against them, but for tomorrow’s promise of  freedom – to embrace the concept of the endowment of the Creator that each of us, all of us, humanity, has the right to breathe the rarefied air of freedom.

To those who stood tall at Lexington and Concord, the siege at Ticonderoga and Valley Forge;  to those who chose freedom above life itself – whose love of liberty kept them willingly sharing the birth pangs of our nation – shivering in the icy climes of Valley Forge with no coats to shield them from winters rage, shoeless, marching on bloody frozen feet, not for the promise of glory or fame, but to fight a war that logically could not be won against insurmountable odds in a rag-tag army, that was held together by the faith of their commander and a vision, a dream of freedom.

To those who hearts had been pricked by the second great awakening and were driven by conscience and by God’s own fire to suffer, sweat, bleed to live and die for freedom – not for themselves,  but for their fellow Americans; for ‘mere slaves’ who could never repay them, not for reward or honor, but for the understanding that all men are created, equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights – for this cause they gave their all, that all might be free to embrace the promise of the sweet fruits of liberty eternally stamped on the hearts and into the spiritual DNA of all humanity.

History tells of the courage of those who sealed the covenant of our freedom with their life’s blood.  From Gettysburg to Iwo Jima, from the Battle of Fort Henry to Filugia, Ramadi, and a thousand other places where soldiers poured out their lives that we might, God willing and with His blessing , celebrate yet again this Memorial Day; that love of freedom that delivered farmers, bakers, accountants, shopkeepers – Americans-  to acts of selfless courage and sacrifice that, if recounted, would melt even the coldest heart and stain even weathered cheeks with tears of their remembrance, filling our thoughts with wonder at such love for generations yet unborn; leaving for them an inheritance,  not of freedom but of the promise of freedom, if they and if we, have the courage to embrace it.  We offer those fallen dead our undying gratitude for what they did and for what they, through each of us, they are doing still.

For those still among the living … For the soldiers, the sailors, the airmen the common men who deigned to do the uncommon amongst men – put on the line for their fellows their lives and liberty, honoring those who have gone before them, common men showing uncommon valor, we say “Thank You!”  and I thank you.  Whatever you surrendered, sacrificed, or lost in the one cause that matters – freedom – is but a seed who’s fruit will be born today, tomorrow, and for as long as men still have the courage and vision … still have the strength - to climb the heights and ascend to that Shining City Set On A Hill.

On this special day to the many dads who have given their posterity for this great cause of freedom, we say, “Thank You!”  To the moms whose hearts broke, as a part of their lives, flesh of their flesh, their children were torn from them by death’s hand – no words can express our debt to you for sacrificing for each of us your tomorrows and generations that will not be, that this generation might sit beneath the liberty tree planted by the seed you shared.

So enjoy Memorial Day, but remember that this is about freedom and things eternal.  It is about honoring those who cared more for America than they cared for their own lives and comfort – lovers of liberty.  Freedom the endowment by the Creator into the heart of man, stamped into the very DNA of humanity as He formed them in the Garden and breathed into them the breath of His life, which breath filled the spirit of mankind and endowed into all, the right … not the privilege … the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

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