Shots Ring Out at Love Field in Dallas, Texas Causing Flight Delays

 ·  June 12, 2016  ·  Featured, Travel

By Katie Baker - TapWires News

DALLAS - This surveillance video shows a domestic disturbance between a black couple at Love Field in Dallas on Friday, June 10th.  A woman is seen in the video taking out luggage (apparently belonging to the man) from the car and placing it on the ground.  A man then gets out of the car, grabs a nearby traffic cone and then begins smashing the back window and then the windshield of her car.  He then grabbed a large stone and continued the damage.

The violence continued to escalate and the police arrived on the scene.  When ordered to surrender, the physically large man continued his approach towards the officer and then proceded to the terminal area while the officer kept his distance from the disturbed man.

Finally, the officer fired shots, not fatally wounding the man, as seen in the surveillance video.  The man got up after having been shot and ran inside the terminal.  

Following security procedures, the Transportation Security Administration ordered that the terminal be evacuated, causing hundreds of passengers to be rescreened along with the new arrivals.  This caused extensive lines at check-in counters, as well as delaying flights.  Southwest Airlines diverted eight flights to other airports and Virgin American also diverted a flight to avoid possible danger to the passengers.



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