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  •  The US Federal Aviation Agency’s 24-hour ban on travel into Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport is set to expire. It remains unclear why the Obama Administration decided to suddenly pull the plug on travel into Ben Gurion, as it is widely considered a sophisticated and secure airport. In 2009, the New York Times declared Ben Gurion the world’s safest airport and Israel’s El Al airlines the world’s safest airline. Israeli officials said US Airways and United Airlines are set to restart flights to Israel Wednesday. One-hundred sixty flights at Ben Gurion were canceled Wednesday.

  •  A House Republican task force Wednesday unveiled a $1.5 billion plan to ease the border crisis, including deploying the National Guard to help achieve “operational control” of the border and launching law enforcement operations in Central America and Mexico to stop illegal immigrants before they reach the U.S.

  •  This week, the NAACP is holding its 105th Annual Conference, with “All in for Justice and Equality” as its theme. Apparently, black conservatives are not welcome under the organization’s umbrella.As evidenced by a video posted on Progressives Today and expounded on by writer Jim Hoft, blacks who “do not toe the liberal line … are not welcome at the NAACP.” So on Sunday, as FreedomWorks’ Deneen Borelli and Rev. CL Bryant, a former NAACP chapter president, manned their booth at the event, a member of the NAACP approached them and commenced to treat them with disdain and hostility.

  •  Undercover government investigators were able to obtain thousands of dollars in taxpayer subsidies under ObamaCare using fake identities, according to findings being presented to Congress on Wednesday. The probe by the Government Accountability Office has raised fresh concerns about the ability of the sprawling health care program to prevent or intercept costly fraud schemes. In the case of the GAO investigation, 11 out of 12 applications submitted using "fictitious identities" were accepted, resulting in subsidized health coverage. 

  •  A team of Pentagon officials is heading to Ukraine to help the country rebuild its fractured military, a mission that lawmakers and analysts expect will result in recommendations for greater military assistance in the country’s fight against pro-Russia separatists amid international outrage over the downing of a commercial airplane.

  •  The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from ex-agency official Lois Lerner have found and are reviewing "backup tapes" - despite earlier IRS claims that the tapes had been recycled. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, testifying before a House oversight subcommittee, stressed that he does not know "how they found them" or "whether there's anything on them or not." But he said the inspector general's office advised him the investigators are reviewing tapes to see if they contain any "recoverable" material. 

  •  On July 22 French President Francois Hollande defied Britain and the U.S., saying his country will "deliver a helicopter carrier to Russia" in October.His announcement came on the eve of discussions of "sanctions on Moscow over the downing of...[the Malaysian] civilian airliner over Ukraine."

  •  China! The plague! A city quarantined! It sounds like a dismal new episode of the new 24: Live Another Day. But this time it’s true.Yumen, a town of 30,000 in northwest China, has been “sealed off” because a young man there died of the plague, an infectious disease caused by the bacteriaYersinia pestis. In addition, 151 people in Yumen have been placed under “quarantine” probably because they were directly exposed to the patient and so are at some risk for acquiring the plague. 

  •  Nearly 5,000 Christians from all over the world, including just under 1,000 college students and an 18-member contingent from Nigeria, assembled in our nation’s capital Monday and Tuesday for the ninth annual Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit.The self-described “largest pro-Israel organization in the United States,” proudly proclaiming a membership of over 1.75 million members, hosted a two-day event featuring prominent speakers, education updates and celebrations to honor and support the Jewish State. 

  •  Businessman David Perdue narrowly defeated 11-term Rep. Jack Kingston Tuesday in a Republican runoff election for Georgia's U.S. Senate nomination, setting up a general election race against Democrat Michelle Nunn with national implications. With all precincts reporting, Perdue led Kingston by approximately 8,500 votes out of over 480,000 cast. 

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