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  • Three polls released this week show Republican candidates eking out crucial victories in the Nov. 4 midterm elections against their Democratic opponents.

    The surveys, each from separate polling firms, are the last ones you’ll see before Election Day next week.

    Here are the most interesting surveys released this week:

  • WASHINGTON –  The White House ship is springing some leaks. 

    Trouble-making personnel inside the Obama administration have taken to the press at a steady clip in recent days to badmouth senior officials, as well as a key American ally. And as President Obama enters his seventh year in office, the whispers and potshots are running the risk of undermining the once-cohesive image of the "no drama Obama" team. 

    Whether it's a few leaky apples or the sign of a larger morale problem is unclear. But several stories with sharp-edged quotes attributed to unnamed administration officials have culminated in an embarrassing week for the White House - complete with plenty of backpedaling and clarifications to assert a polished narrative that all is well. 

    But the tarnish may be showing. 

  • Ebola patients. Ebola bicyclists. Ebola treatment. Ebola hazmat suits. Ebola deaths. Ebola planes. Ebola nurses. Ebola sneezes. Ebola survival rates. Everything seems to be about Ebola these days.

    Including a warning from a securities commissioner who says the often fatal disease also could pick your pocket.

    “Past experience tells us that periods of uncertainty or fear are prime time for con artists looking to make a quick score,” said Gerald Rome, the securities commissioner for the state of Colorado.

  • For the third week in a row, Dr. Savage’s new book, “Stop the Coming Civil War,” is on the New York Times bestseller list. In fact, it’s rising.

    He told radio host Greg Knapp that it’s a sign of a national sea change in attitude.

    “We’re winning,” Savage said. “We’re going to win” (Free audio).

    Savage also noted, “Jake Tapper has egg on his face.”

    He pointed out, “Two weeks ago, Jake Tapper on CNN attacked me, saying … I was crazy for warning that our soldiers being shipped off to fight Ebola were being put at risk by this president.”

  • NEW YORK – A letter sent Friday to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell by the Texas Republican congressional delegation questions the competence of the Obama administration in managing the current Ebola outbreak.

    “Of the $10.8 billion the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates it spent in FY 2014, almost $1.4 billion went to ‘Public Health Preparedness and Response’ activities,” says the letter from Sens. Ted and John Cornyn and all 24 members of the House from Texas.

    The lawmakers point out that among the activities in the CDC budget is a Cities Readiness Initiative to “support local medical countermeasure distribution and dispensing planning in the nation’s 72 largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSA).”

  • NEW YORK – As the World Health Organization reported Friday the number of confirmed deaths from the Ebola virus reached 4,951, Canada followed in Australia’s footsteps by suspending visa applications for residents and nationals of the Ebola-affected West African nations.

    The Canadian government announced it has decided to stop issuing to applicants from the Ebola-affected West African nations visas in the worker, student and visitor classes as well as permanent residency visas.

    WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan slammed the Canadian government’s decision, claiming that closing borders would not stop the spread of the Ebola virus, the Canadian Press reported.

  • Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent for President Obama, says that with only days until the election, he and his team have done all they can to win Maryland’s Sixth District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, and he believes he could be “on the verge of a huge upset.”

    “I can comfortably tell you right now there is nothing we could have done to work harder,” Bongino said. “I just got back yesterday from Montgomery County, in the pouring rain. It was 40 degrees. I’m sick as a dog right now, and I’m driving in the western Maryland mountains, getting ready to wash, rinse and repeat, so there’s no more effort we could have given.”

    Bongino said if elected, he will make the federal government’s tax-and-spend policies his No. 1 issue.

  • State Dept. denies Iranian officials discussed business with companies in attendance

    A delegation of Iranian officials paid a quiet visit to the United States this week to meet with corporate leaders and a senior State Department representative at a business forum in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

    The rare trip occurred just days after a controversial Iran-focused trade forum was held in London, to much public outcry. Iran remains under strict international economic sanctions, and some foreign policy experts say such events undermine sanctions and weaken U.S. leverage in nuclear negotiations.

  • Deputy National Security Adviser and MFA in creative writing Ben Rhodes likened an Iranian nuclear deal to Obamacare in a talk to progressive activists last January, according to audio obtained by theWashington Free Beacon.

    The remarks, made at a since-discontinued regular meeting of White House personnel and representatives of liberal interest groups, reveal the importance of a rapprochement with Iran to President Obama, who is looking to establish his legacy as his presidency enters its lame-duck phase.

  • Industrial control systems used to operate critical U.S. infrastructure including water and energy systems are under attack from cyber actors using malicious software implanted in numerous control systems, the Department of Homeland Security said Friday.

    The cyber attacks have been underway since 2011 and U.S. officials suspect Russia is behind them.

    The hacking was revealed in a Department of Homeland Security alert this week that identified the malicious software found in a number of industrial control systems as BlackEnergy—the same malware that recently was linked by cyber security investigators to Russian government hacking in an operation code-named Sandworm.

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