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  • The top lawyer at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has resigned weeks before President Obama is expected to issue a major executive amnesty.

    Peter S. Vincent, ICE's principal legal advisor, resigned, telling colleagues in an email Tuesday afternoon “I have decided that the time is right for me to make a change and to move on to other opportunities and challenges.”

    There is no evidence Vincent's departure is related to potential executive actions by the president, although the timing is conspicuous.

  • A new autopsy report revealed to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has now put the final nail in the coffin of the Michael Brown “Gentle Giant” narrative. Proponents of prosecuting Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department over his shooting of Brown have claimed that Wilson shot Brown while he was running away, his hands up. In actuality, the autopsy report suggests that Brown did indeed attempt to take Wilson’s gun, that Wilson shot him in the hand over it, and that Brown charged Wilson with his hands down.

    In other words, every element of the original narrative pushed by the media, leftist politicians, and protesters was a lie.

  • With just 15 days to go until the midterm elections, major media polling projections point to a Republican Senate victory.

    The Huffington Post's Senate projection finds Republicans have a 65% chance of taking control of the U.S. Senate. 

    The Washington Post's Election Lab gives the GOP a 94% chanceof reclaiming the Senate.

  • Texas State Senator Wendy Davis' hopes as the next governor of Texas appears slim based on a survey conducted for KHOU-TV and Houston Public Media.

    Davis, the Democratic candidate, was found to have a 15-percentage point disadvantage against Republican candidate Greg Abbott. Specifically, Abbott received 47 percent of the survey among likely voters, while 32 percent favored Davis. Many respondents were also undecided as 15 percent were not sure which candidate to vote for by the Nov. 4 Election Day

  • Multiple gunmen stormed the Canadian Parliament complex Wednesday, shooting at least one soldier and spraying as many as 30 shots inside the government building in Ottawa and leaving the nation's capital on virtual lockdown just two days after a terror attack in Quebec, officials said.

    The shots rang out just before 10 a.m., and were quickly followed by reports of "several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa," according to a tweet from police. The shooting at the government complex came after witnesses said they saw two men jump out of a Toyota Corolla and run toward the National War Memorial, where one opened fire on a soldier, officials told the Ottawa Sun. The gunmen then ran to the Parliament building ...

  •  CHICAGO — Early voting in Illinois got off to a rocky start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats.

    Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote Monday at the Schaumburg Public Library.

    “I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” Moynihan said. “You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a nu

  •  A new Kaiser Health tracking poll finds that even after four-and-a-half years of being the law of the land, Obamacare remains a mystery to most of the nation's uninsured.

  •  The volatility in stock markets isn't likely to derail the Federal Reserve's plans to end its two-year-old program of bond purchases next week, according to two influential officials.

  •  A 25-year old Canadian man killed one and injured another Canadian soldier after he used his vehicle to run the troops over in a mall parking lot. After his car was identified, the driver was then pursued by police for a couple miles, which ended when the jihadi motorist lost control and flipped his vehicle into a ditch.

  •  At least two mortar shells landed inside Baghdad’s heavily-fortified Green Zone on Tuesday as insurgents continued their recent wave of attacks on the Iraqi city.

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