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  • The push for Ben Carson to run for president in 2016 is picking up steam, as a group encouraging him to run has raised more money in the first three months of this year than the group rallying behind Hillary Rodham Clinton, or those tied to Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and other potential GOP candidates.The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, which isn’t associated with Mr. Carson, reported $2.4 million in donations for that period to the Federal Election Commission — more than Ready for Hillary and other notable GOP-tied PACs, Newsmax reported.

  • The FBI has control of documents related to Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis' work while she was an attorney for the North Texas Tollway Authority, but it's not certain whether the investigation is focusing on the Democratic lawmaker or if the items are just an overall part of the materials collected.Davis, who is the Democratic nominee in the governor's race, has said her legal work posed no conflicts with her duties in the Senate, reports The Dallas Morning News, and her spokesman, Zac Petkanas said the federal agents have not questioned her.

  •  Leaders of a national atheist group say the best spot to find a nonbeliever is in a place of faith.They say the church's large influence in Utah has made atheists in the state reluctant to speak about religious doubts for fear of being shunned. Atheist group leaders also criticize the LDS influence as having overstepped its boundaries in areas of public policy.To that end, the American Atheists, in an effort to raise awareness and attract new members, are holding their annual conference over Easter weekend in the home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  •  The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have supplied Syrian rebel groups with a small number of advanced American antitank missiles for the first time in a pilot program that could lead to larger flows of sophisticated weaponry, people briefed on the effort said.The new willingness to arm these rebels comes after the failure of U.S.-backed peace talks in January and recent regime gains on the battlefield. It also follows a reorganization of Western-backed fighters aimed at creating a more effective military force and increasing protection for Christian and other religious minorities—something of particular importance to Washington.

  •  Russia said its military is massed on Ukraine's doorstep and warned against further US sanctions as a deal struck with Washington appeared to stall because of intransigence by Moscow-backed rebels in the former Soviet republic.A threat by US President Barack Obama that more sanctions would befall Moscow if the agreement, reached Thursday with Ukraine and the EU, failed was "absolutely unacceptable," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian television.

  •  A remarkable opinion in a ruling by the Supreme Court of Alabama that is bound to be quoted in abortion disputes declares the unborn are protected by rights granted by God to every human being.“Our Creator, not government, gives to all people ‘unalienable’ natural rights,” the opinion asserts, arguing that state laws protecting children after birth also cover the unborn.

  •  The plight of immigrants, the poor, the sick, the elderly, unemployed and prisoners dominated Pope Francis' Good Friday service at Rome's Colosseum as he led Catholics around the world in commemorating the day Jesus died.The pope, in the run-up to the second Easter of his pontificate, presided at the traditional "Via Crucis" (Way of the Cross) service around the ancient Roman ruin.

  • As the nation awaits Hillary Clinton's decision of whether or not she will run for president in 2016, a cache of 7,500 pages of newly released documents from Bill Clinton's years in the White House show some familiar political themes. One revelation is that Bill Clinton worried that a massive new healthcare scheme would cause Americans to lose their insurance.In 1993, the President allowed his wife, first lady Hillary Clinton, to become the face of an Obamacare-like takeover of the nation's healthcare system. The plan was sarcastically dubbed Hillarycare. But as these internal documents show, in what is now a familiar refrain, Bill Clinton was worried that Americans would turn against the plan if they found out they would lose the insurance they already had.

  •  Whether “Big Brother” government bureaucrats have the right to determine what is “truth” will be the focal point of a U.S. Supreme Court hearing Tuesday.The Susan B. Anthony List is fighting to overturn an Ohio election regulation that allows state bureaucrats to censor statements on election-campaign billboards if they believe they are false.

  •  Officials from nine Western states met in Salt Lake City on Friday to discuss taking control of federal lands within their borders on the heels of a standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management.The lawmakers and county commissioners discussed ways to wresting oil-, timber- and mineral-rich lands away from the feds. Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart said it was in the works before this month's standoff.

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