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  • Conservative radio host Mark Levin said Congressional Republicans have "no principles, no strategy and no guts" on immigration.

    Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday, Levin dubbed Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) "one of the most despicable, dumbest men to ever be leader in the Senate,” but added that Reid is "running circles around the Republicans."

     "That's what happens when you have no principles, no strategy and no guts," Levin said of Congressional Republicans. "It's time for a new Republican Party.”

  • A new poll reveals that Democrats are far more likely to be willing to talk about their guns than Republicans or independents.

    The revelation comes just as the American Academy of Family Physicians is launching a campaign to emphasize just that – talking about guns. Specifically the doctors say they oppose any restrictions on their discussions about guns with their patients, and they want to take a “public health approach” on the issue of weapons.

    The new poll from The O’Leary Report and WND, done by Zogby Analytics, reports that 68 percent of Democrats who responded said they would respond truthfully to a national pollster asking them personal questions about gun ownership.

  • Richard Stockton signed the Declaration of Independence.

    His brother-in-law, Elias Boudinot, was president of the Continental Congress for a term, signed the Treaty of Paris, and founded the American Bible Society.

    Richard Stockton’s son, also named Richard Stockton, was a U.S. senator from New Jersey.

    His grandson, Robert F. Stockton, was a U.S. Navy commodore and a hero of the War of 1812. He helped freed slaves found the country of Liberia, West Africa.

    In 1846, Robert F. Stockton defeated the Mexican army and captured California, serving as its first military governor. Stockton, California, was named for him.

  • Another patriot bites the dust for exposing Obama’s criminal actions. When will Americans wake up to the tyranny going on? 

    President Barack Obama’s been on a roll when it comes to firing military officers — especially those who aren’t afraid to speak out against the administration and expose what’s really happening behind the scenes.

    That seems to be the case with Capt. James Fanell, a senior Navy intelligence leader who was relieved from his position as the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s director of intelligence and information operations because he made public information about China that Obama didn’t want you to hear.

  • Among the many, many reasons why Americans hate and distrust the mainstream media, we’ve got the amazing spectacle of a major story directly impacting a likely presidential candidate — Hillary Clinton — completely blacked out in favor of obsessive coverage for llamas on the loose.

    To mix animal metaphors, many liberal-media critics smell a rat every time the airwaves are filled with obsession over a frivolous story.  NewsBusters clocked six minutes on the story of llamas running loose in Arizona, but only 32 seconds of coverage on one of the major networks (CBS) for the incredible tale of Hillary Clinton’s foundation raking in foreign and corporate cash both during and after her tenure as Secretary of State.

  • No one expects anything approaching a standard of journalism from the shallow, snark-site Jezebel. The Daily Beast, however, does pose as an objective journalism outlet and now has another disaster on its hands.

    Likely motivated by partisan too-good-to-check zeal, the Daily Beast blindly believed Jezebel and went on to falsely repeat and report as fact that “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has proposed that universities no longer be required to report the number of sexual assaults on campus to the Department of Justice.”

  • Appearing on Fox News’ “The Five,” host Sean Hannity revealed that of all the presumed 2016 Republican candidates at CPAC, Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the only one who refused an interview with him.

    When host Juan Williams asked about an attack Florida Governor Jeb Bush had made on Christie during an interview, Hannity voiced his frustration. ”I was a little disappointed with Chris Christie. Chris Christie, of all the candidates here, was the only one that didn’t––refused to do an interview with me. We had requested well over, you know, a number of weeks back, and all through last week.”

  • The Republican Jewish Coalition is warning that a potential deal between the Obama administration and Iran could put the “fate of mankind” at stake.

    In advance of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday speech to Congress about the threat of a nuclear Iran, the RJC — which is backed by prominent pro-Israel Republicans, including casino mogul and mega-GOP donor Sheldon Adelson — is launching a media campaign to press the importance of the Israeli leader’s message.

  • South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy has introduced an immigration bill to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty and expedite the removal of criminal aliens from U.S. soil.

    Named after Michael Davis, Jr., a sheriff’s deputy in California who was killed in the line of duty last year by an illegal immigrant, Gowdy’s bill would also provide a work-around for state and local governments to reinforce federal immigration laws while also implementing an annual review of the executive branch’s use of prosecutorial discretion in immigration cases.

  • Republican Commissioner Ajit Pai delivered a blistering attack on the new rules. 

    “For twenty years, there’s been a bipartisan consensus in favor of a free and open Internet … [and] the results speak for themselves. Dating back to the Clinton Administration, every FCC Chairman—Republican and Democrat—has let the Internet grow free from utility-style regulation.”

    “But today, the FCC abandons those policies. It reclassifies broadband Internet access service as a Title II telecommunications service. It seizes unilateral authority to regulate Internet conduct, to direct where Internet service providers (ISPs) make their investments, and to determine what service plans will be available to the American public.”

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